About Us

SVINT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a specialty structural engineering firm specializing in complete analysis and design of structures for commercial and institutional buildings, warehouses, retail shopping centers, schools and gymnasiums, churches, and retirement and nursing homes, medical facilities, highway and county bridges and large residential buildings. Syam Sundar Mannava founded SVINT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in  July 2004. Mrs. Shravanthi Mannava, Mrs. NagabhushanamShakkari, and Mrs. Padmavathi Duddukuri are Directors in the firm with Syam Sundar Mannava as the Managing Director. Syam S. Mannava, P.E., S.E. a licensed professional engineer and is also the Principal Engineer of Structures America Innovative Engineering, PLC., a USA based company. Please visit www.SAI-Engr.com for further details on Structures America Innovative Engineering, PLC.

Since inception, SVINT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. worked extensively as a sub-contractor to Structures America Innovative Engineering on buildings that have ranged from a million dollar Bank Building, to a 2 million dollar two-story Office Building, to a 5 million dollar 3-story Hospital to a 7 million dollar Auditorium-Gymnasium, to a 10 million dollar Aircraft Maintenance Facility, to a 48 million dollar 300,000sf High School Building. We also designed 2 to 3 million dollar large Residential Buildings ranging in size from 6,000 to 11,000 square foot. We are equally comfortable designing and detailing with structural steel, light gage metal, tilt-up or cast-in-place concrete, or wood. We use current up to date computer programs to aid us in engineering and drafting. We have a professional dedicated staff that is highly qualified with advanced degrees in engineering that works hard to meet the clients and project requirements and deadlines, while complying with the building codes.We pride in ourselves being easy to work with. We offer structural engineering services comparable to the best in the industry and stand by our clients from conception through successful completion of all the projects. For a listing of our key personnel and major projects similar in nature please click on the tabs above.